Monday, 2 February 2015

Today was the last day of the ship in Singapore. Port call activities continued today with loading of equipment, frozen/refridgerated food and dry stores. The ship will depart tomorrow morning. We all had a last day out in the land because we won’t see land and people on land for the next 2 months. Life has to be different.
We had fire, boat and security drills today. The third mate told us how to release the life boat under emergency situation and key to survive under such conditions. The highly research vessel is robust and secure, but these emergency drills taught us the value of life.


  1. Why don't you post pictures of the ship, the port and people there and the atmosphere with your writings? They would make it a travel experience even for those who only read it.

  2. I don't know what a third mate is.

  3. Wow! This expedition seems to be so exciting adventurous and a learning experience too. All the best Sir..keep safe and enjoy amidst water and blueness..Hope to hear more exciting stories from you