Saturday, 9 May 2015

World is going greener

Hi friends,
A recent report (Lie et al (2015) Nature Climate Change 5, 470–474) tells  that the world is getting greener over the past decade despite widespread deforestation. The research is based on the satellite measurements of vegetation and shows spontaneous regrowth of forest on abandoned farmlands in Russia and neighbouring countries, large-scale tree plantation in China and significant increase in vegetation in savannas and shrublands of Australia, Africa and South America. This increase in vegetation compensates the losses of vegetation in the tropics of South America (Amazon forests) and Southeast Asia especially Indonesia.

Plants absorb around a quarter of the carbon dioxide that we release into the atmosphere by fossil fuel burning. With a greening Earth, and increase in vegetation cover may mean more absorption of carbon dioxide. This may slow down the global warming, but we will still require large reductions of global fossil fuel emissions to stabilise the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and stop the anthropogenic climate change.

Now may I ask how many of the readers of my blog know that the global oceans removes a quarter of carbon dioxide as well?

A popular science (longer) description is available in the link below: