Sunday, 25 January 2015

During most of my childhood, I remember playing with sands and pebbles in sandpile. Now after becoming an Earth Scientist, I find the connection. However, the connection is not only limited to sand. Being the only boy in the family I often ended up playing with my sister and used to write books and teach her dolls. The assistant professorship at Presidency University in Kolkata brings the next connection. When I was a kid, I loved soil and mud (i guess I still do) and often left my mother anxious. I used to build my own ship made up with aluminium cap of the milk bottles, and used to scuba dive by putting my head down under a bucket of water. My participation in research cruises and becoming an advance open water scuba diver have made a full circle. I am writing this blog to tell you exciting stories of my research and participation in the IODP expedition in Bay of Bengal. I hope you will enjoy.

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